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Yoga Questions / Answers

Q: What is Hatha (Slow Flow) Yoga?
A: This style refers to a physical exercise using postures (asanas) and sequence of postures designed to align the skin, muscles, and bones using a slow Hatha is also designed to open the many channels of the body for a deeper sense of relaxation, the main channel being the spine. This style (third limb) is one of the eight limbs in Yoga and the most practiced to purify the body, enhance physical strength, and increase stamina for deep meditation. Hatha is an excellent for self-transformation, by bringing our attention to breathing and bring present in each moment.
Q: What is Vinyasa(Power) Yoga?
This style is a fast paced combination of the mind/body connecting poses of Hatha Yoga with more movement focused and intense exercise. Designed to increase energy levels, physical strength, balance, and spiritual freedom, this class is great for those wanting a more challenging yet low joint impact exercise solution.
Q: What is Restorative Yoga?
A: This style allows for deeper relaxation and focus by using 4-5 modified poses(asanas) held for 20 minutes each.
Q: How is Yoga different than other stretching or fitness?
Yoga is a practice of self awareness, enhancing the energy flow, and strengthening the balance of the mind and physical body instead of a goal or task. Yoga provides a foundation for mind and body mastery through spiritual growth.
Q: Is Yoga A Religion?
A: No. Although religious philosophies are sometimes interweaved into Yoga, you are neither required to neglect your own religious beliefs and philosophies nor take on the religious philosophies of Yoga to practice.

We are excited to offer this 1 hour Yoga class to compliment our thriving massage practice!

At Relax & Restore, we understand the amazing benefits of relaxation(deep belly breathing and meditation) for stress relief and physical( flexibility and strength) for pain management with regular (1-3 times per week) Yoga practice.

About Our V-Yoga:
We have chosen to offer this beginner class as a direct demand from our staff and guests who agree that there are many benefits of practicing Yoga, however, there is a lack of affordability and accessibility of small group classes for beginners or individuals wanting to learn the proper execution of each technique for maximum benefit.

Our small group of 4-5 participants are lead through deep breathing and perfecting a series of poses by both a virtual and live coach during a 30 minute class.

By doing this, each participant is able to receive one on one instruction and practice with perfecting each pose for maximum benefit without large class intimidation. Once participants are comfortable and confident in progressing to the next level, they may choose independent virtual class or large group class.

We have classes for all ages(7 yrs to adult) and levels of fitness!

Class Schedule

Registeration required, must call to schedule!

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

9:30am, Noon, & 6:30pm


10:30am & 3:30pm

Cost per person per class


Our schedule is subject to change!
Please see staff for updates.

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